Thursday, May 08, 2008

Iced Coff-o! Pann-o!

The weather's getting nice 'n hot - so it's time to break out the iced coffees! Plus a nice little pain au chocolat from the veggie bakers to complement the aisu-kohi, of course...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Skate Spots on the LOPE Radar - Rough Little Banks Edition

Me and Wes went for a skate last night. As usual it started raining so we went to check out progress on Horfield skatepark.

The rain slowed a bit, so we decided to check a spot I'd scoped a year or so back, but never investigated. Anyway as we approached, it started to look better than I remembered it. We drove round the corner to check another spot - a rough-as-a-badger gap (not great!), then back round to the little banks.

They're pretty good - a bit dark to skate at night - but no hassle from the locals! Rough-ass concrete, but goes all the way down as you can see in the pic and also all the way round the other direction, but too dark to skate there and nearer people's houses too. Anyway, I think we'll have to get a few sessions in here!