Friday, August 18, 2006

The Pool Video Edit

Here's a quick edit of the Hell Tour pool session. Super slippery mosaic tile surface makes it difficult to skate! Luckily Neil has a nice selection of old wheels! I borrowed some yellow Rat Bones and Neil was using Kryptonics! Wes was skating a big old board with "filmer's wheels"! Rat Bones!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jam's Pool Edit

Jam made this edit from some pics he took - and took the opportunity to cheese it up with some lovely transitions!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Woodcock's Ankle (Video)

Here's the classic Woodcock ankle from the original "All the Lope" video, circa 1993? Now I've got this video-blog VLOGGING lark sussed I can put up some teasers for the all-new LOPE 2!
Skating at Bedminster Skatepark (DLH - Dean Lane Hardcore).

Witty as a Vid Tester

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Got home from work yesterday to discover a package from the BBC... Inside was the new Trojan "Original Riddims" and Damian Marley CDs! I'd won the competition on the Mark Lamarr Reggae Show on Radio 2! The riddims CD is amazing - especially Johnny Clarke's "Everyday Wondering", which is the original riddim which Rupie Edwards' "Ire Feelings" was cut to. Anyway - summit for nuttin is always nice!

West Somerset Railway

A bit of Dibnah stylee! Went down to Dunster Castle for a cream tea and had a trip on the WSR Steam Train. It was niceness and Ella loved it - "CHOO - CHOO!". Also - check out mi mug! My mum bought me it as a birthday present - it entitles me to free cuppaz on the train. Fred Dibnah would be proud!

Vandalised Skatespot! (Knobbled)

Me & Jam went out to the underpass near Bath, hoping the slippery ooze that had been applied a few years back may have "dried up". Unfortunately it now has a more effective means of skate-stopping! But, why? I can't understand why anyone could want to do this? Aaaargh!