Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dinosaur jr blogged by BAD BLOGGER

Sign of a bad blogger is by blogging something that happened OVER A MONTH AGO! Anyway - September 5th, Dinosaur jr played the Anson Rooms in Bristol. It was an amazing gig - only the second time I've seen them since they reformed and much better gig than the one I saw in London 2 or so years ago. I think that was due to the much better sound quality - less superfuzz, more bigmuff. I was lucky to even get to the gig as I didn't even know about it until randomly seeing Syd from 5050's Facebook update that morning! Was a bit gutted that most of my usual mob were up in London at Dave G's wedding, but then got a text from the mighty Bob saying he was going, so decided to head on down. Met Syd and Tidy Mike in there, then Bob and also met his lady wife. Tried texting Rob Hall about the gig but got no response, but as you'd expect if there's a Dinosaur gig in Bristol, Rob was inta da area complete with his incredible brother Rich. Highlight of the gig was Just like Heaven and Sludgefeast as an encore. What made it even more amazing was before they came back on stage Bob was hoping for Just like Heaven and I was pining for Sludgefeast! Psychic request result! Can't beat LIVE SLUDGE!