Friday, September 16, 2011

Spars' and Marras' Videos

Tim Ward made this slick video of a session we had at Warehouse #2. This video inspired me to buy a DSLR - nice one Timmers!

UK Ramp Hire secret miniramp session from Tim Ward on Vimeo.

MIKE O'SHEA the art-brain behind Highbrow, has made this video featuring the skills of JASON LEWER, who's recently and very-deservedly got hooked up on Fabric Skateboards.

...and finally BOB has been busy with his new digital HD thingy, with a few new edits. Firstly, a session of a few of us at the (then) new bit at The Deaner: entertaining vid of Bob, Joxa, Whip etc on a amazing trip to Germany - TEAM VON RAVEN: a video with loads of Bristol locals and visitors at the new CAMPUS SKATEPARK, the new indoor park and probable saviour of the coming winter!

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