Friday, October 31, 2008

New Camera

Got myself a new Fujifilm S5800 camera - seems pretty good. Took a load of pics at Ella's 5th birthday party today and they all came out really well, then tested it tonight for a few night skate shots. Seems good enough for an £85 camera! The shutter lag seems good enough for skate shots, even at night using the flash. Check out the pics on the skanked up IBM banks...

Wes was getting the blunts in...

...more than once.

And the back-tails.

The new camera can whirl a bit. That's Jam and Wes' brain waves swirling around. It was bloody freezing - hat and gloves night.

I shunted a couple of ollies to tail...

...and wafted some BS ollies over a crusty gap.

Then Wes noticed the bit round the back had been spruced up a bit just as we were about to leave.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Filton Skatepark

Had a quick test-run at the new Filton skatepark. Seems pretty good - smooth concrete despite it being covered in dust, grit and leaves. The steep whippy tranny could be fun - concrete edge grinds well already, and the bowl seems well laid out for keeping a run going. Let's hope it gets operational floodlights pretty quickly!