Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mikey O'Shea Solo Illustration Show!

Super-talented scrawler Mike O'Shea is having a solo show of his illustrations and art - he's a great artist, marvellous skateboarder and all-round funny guy and "good egg"!

It will definitely be worth checking this show - his pictures are equally well drafted and entertaining - there's always a touch of humour and usually a naughty element! Cheeky!

Hmmm... That poster looks very familiar! That cap and beard collabo, with a pair of "lucky Lakais"!?!?


4th - 30th September,
Donuts, 8 Perrry Road, Bristol BS1 5BQ

Click here for more info!

(What's happened to the Highbrow video Mike?)

Witchcraft & Lovenskate Tour

This should be gnarly fun! I'd love to go on a tour like this - reminds me of the old HELL TOURS to Cornwall - touring round from skatepark to skatepark!

The Witchcraft team: Jamie "Aaargh", Sam Roberts and Jake Snelling plus the Lovenskate team: Lucy Adams, Alex Barton, Ewen Bower, Craig "Questions" Scott and Liam Sproat. I'm sure that French, Lovenskate Stu etc will also be shredding, or possibly schralping.

More info here.  (actually... less info there!)