Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Savoir Faire

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Last night was the Savoir Faire premiere at Jester's in Bristol. The video was really good - amazing skating by Div Adam, Stephen Roe, Dave Snaddon, John Tanner and Chris Oliver - and really well put together by Toby Bachelor, Alex Irvine, Paul Sylvester, Ciaran O Connor, Morph and Kev Parrott. Ciaran's motion graphics were top-notch and really add a bit of snazz-o. Props also to Ciaran for stumping up for the event out of his own pocket. It was a good night out - support videos from James Guthrie etc. Guth's video was full of amazing skating too. Power. Loads of Bristol skaters and a lot of heads from the Sidewalk Forum. I've posted up Chris Oliver's teaser trailer, as his was the stand-out section for me. Click for more info on Savoir Faire's blog.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

10 Minutes in a Fullpipe...

You wait almost 23 years to skate a fullpipe, get about 3 runs each, then get kicked out.