Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Frankie's Dream "from the shitters"

Got an e-mail from the grandiloquent Lord of Amsterdam, Oz (aka David Nick-Nack, aka Cecil Cyclone etc) with a special request. He's spotted an amazing looking skateable roof, but unfortunately it's in Rome. Here's what he said: "I thought of a nice idea for your blog, it's called Frankie's Dream." The idea was that this was a bit of risky business that would've appealed to the craziness of danger-loving, launch ramp-assisted Frankie Hill.

He continues... "It's the roof of a company in Rome I visit every couple of weeks. I'd been meaning to take a photo for a long time, it was actually taken from the shitters.

It's looks like a right laugh to skate."

So, if he'd just pointed the camera in the other direction this could've been a great blog for the TURN OUT CLUB INTERNAZIONALE.

Here's the pics...

"There's also an amazing drop-in I've seen in Amsterdam, it's the roof of a kind of small house by the canal. I'll take a picture some time. I can imagine Wes getting pissed up and doing it."

I can also imagine Wes getting pissed up. I can also imagine Witty and Woodcock getting pissed up too, along with all the rest of the Fresh Air Crew scumbags.